Recent documentary on Japan's tsunami (NHK channel)

While focused on personal stories of survival during the tsunami, this video also shows a very comprehensive explanation of the natural causes of the earthquake and the timing of tsunami wave propagation. In Japanese with English subtitles:
There are no mentions to the warnings that came as early as 2001 on evidence for high waves in the region of Tōhoku. I already posted this before, according to Minoura and others studying sediments along the coast in 2001 (Journal of Natural Disaster Science, 23, 83-88):
"The recurrence interval for a large-scale tsunami is 800 to 1100years. More than 1100 years have passed since the Jogan tsunami and, given the reccurrence interval, the possibility of a large tsunami striking the Sendai plain is high. Our numerical findings indicate that a tsunami similar to the Jogan one would inundate the present coastal plain for about 2.5 to 3 km inland.".
Also no mentions to the construction of the Fukushima Nuclear plant right 
at the coast and ignoring those warnings.

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